Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So I've been going a little texture pack crazy lately, a new favorite hobby of mine it seems, lol. Today I'm releasing version 1.0 of KonohaKraft a Naruto texture pack "For the wanna be Ninja!" There's a lot of little goodies in this pack, including bow-sounding Kunai! Anyone interested in helping me get a hold of a kunai sound effect would be awesome cause I'm audiotarded with minecraft.


This isn't completely finished yet, anything I haven't gotten around to yet and some of the ui trim is filled from the Misa Texture Pack found Here.
I also went with Misa's mod and use Randomobs however it is not required to use the texture pack.

  • To-Do-List: 
    1. Items/Icons (a few still need replacing)
    2. Mobs (Akatsuki perhaps? lol oh oh maybe Orochimaru as the zombie!)
    3. Animals (not sure if I'm gonna even bother changing these, can't link of anything to do to them)
    4. Armor (Iron ANBU Armor, Gold Hokage Robes, Diamond Naruto Sage Outfit?)
    5. Weapons/Tools (not sure what Naruto themes to give these... I have ideas for the swords but nothing for the tools)

  • Installing the Texture Pack
1. Save my pack's zip file to the texturepacks folder in your minececraft directory. (Do not extract!)
2. Click here to download the latest version of MCPatcher. (How do people keep fucking this step up?)
3. Run MCPatcher and hit Patch, then close it when it's done.
4. Run Minecraft and go to Mods and Texture Packs to select my pack. (Mac users with problems, see here.)

  • Installing Misa's Support for Randomobs
1. Download and install the Randomobs mod using their installation instructions.
2. Run Minecraft and load a map, then exit minecraft completely.
3. Open the zip of my texture pack and locate the file.
4. Open your .minecraft folder and navigate to the mods folder, then the randomobs folder.
5. Drag-and-drop into the randomobs folder, overwriting the old file.

Also don't forget to show your support!

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